The Heliconian Club presents NOCTURNE, an exhibit of art that explores the many colours of the night and celebrates things that light up the night!

Reception Dec. 3, 2-5 pm; open December 2022 through January, 2023

35 Hazelton Ave, Toronto

We might think of the night as the time of passive rest, relaxation, and oblivion – only an interlude to get us from one day to another. However, many difficult jobs are routinely done overnight; and with my Nocturn pieces, I intended to give recognition to those who work tirelessly while others sleep. Like my horse and rider, couriers dash to deliver messages and warnings, missives and packages; and like an owl who wakes up to hunt for her young, many work night shifts to provide for their families. Mothers rise to care for their babies, and countless prayers are breathed into the night sky. Even a sweet little toddler, peacefully cuddled up on her pillow, is in fact hard at work, busily processing the learnings and memories of the day, and moment by moment, growing into the person she is meant to become.