My expressive style utilizes loose brush strokes, bold colors, semi-abstract representation, and additional elements, such as embroidery, geometric patterns, splatter, and drips. I also enjoy up-cycling household fabric in place of traditional canvas, as well as digital painting.


Visual art is a vehicle for my spirituality. Creating, viewing, reflecting, and meditating on paintings has always been important to me; but, it became especially so during the COVID pandemic, when I was searching for a respite from the new kind of pressures it imposed on my family. At the same time, I also faced the unexpected reduction of my day job to half-time. The latter posed its own stress, to be sure, but it gave me more time than ever to devote to my art. It was then that I discovered expressionism, with its unrealistic colors and loose application of paint. I learned to paint in this style through the online program developed by the Canadian artist Charla Maarschalk, based in British Columbia.

I wish to convey the message that the true beauty of humans and nature transcends their aesthetic appeal. I strive to create empathy in the viewer that would surpass his or her enjoyment of the imagery on the canvas. My subjects of choice are people and animals. This allows me to express my gratitude for the beauty of the world, which never fails to give me the energy to face my day-to-day responsibilities.

I am a member of The Toronto Heliconian Club (the oldest association for women in the arts in Canada, founded in 1909). My work was part of the Dufferin County Multicultural Art Show, and will be for sale at the Danforth East Craft & Arts Fair (Sept. 17 & 18, 2022). Originals, prints, and commissions may be purchased by contacting me.