I am an emerging and largely self-taught artist, working in acrylics, oil, and digital media. My expressive style utilizes loose brush strokes, bold colors, semi-abstract representation, and additional elements, such as texture, embroidery, geometric patterns, splatter, and drips. I also enjoy up-cycling household fabric in place of traditional canvas to reduce consumerism and waste. Through my art, I strive to create empathy beyond beauty, and meaning that transcends aesthetic value. My subjects of choice include people and animals because in portraying them, I feel most connected with the beauty of Creation.

I am a member of The Toronto Heliconian Club, the oldest association for women in the arts in Canada (1909). I show my work regularly at the Heliconian, and I have participated in juried shows at other galleries, including the Dufferin Museum, Propeller, and Leslie Grove. I sold work at the Danforth East Craft & Arts Fair, and it is found in several private collections in Canada and abroad, and has been published in the “Presence” journal (Spiritual Direction International).

Originals, prints, commissions, and workshops in meditation through art may be ordered by contacting me.