The Rev. Dr. Irina Dubinski

On this blog, you will find my weekly reflections that I write as part of my work in the Anglican Church, in which I was ordained in 2015. My vocation has been shaped by my studies at the University of Toronto, where I earned a Master of Divinity from Wycliffe College, Spiritual Direction Diploma from Regis College, PhD in Speech-Language Pathology, and BA in Linguistics. My ministry combines parish life with chaplaincy focused on end-of life care, and an interest in new clergy formation. My personal spirituality reflects an interest in the Orthodox heritage of my country of birth, my early faith experiences in the Evangelical church, transition to Anglicanism for theological and liturgical reasons, and formal training in Ignatian (Jesuit) spiritual direction. The practices I borrowed from each tradition comprise my own unique way of becoming aware of God’s presence and activity in the world, which I am delighted to share through my spiritual direction practice, and courses on prayer and meditation through art.

St Timothy (Patronal Feast on Jan 26th or 22nd)

Today, we are remembering the namesake of our church, our patron saint Timothy. The limited extent of historical information we have about him is neatly summarized in two objects in our church: the stained glass window depicting his life (a gift from our first ever people’s warden!), and the carved lectern stand. The window shows…

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The Calling of First Disciples

The readings between Epiphany and Lent tend to focus on revelation, vocation, and beginning. Last week, we reflected on the baptism of Jesus as the inaugural event in his ministry, and today, we are looking at how it began for his first followers – the two curious Galileans who approached Jesus to learn more, perhaps,…

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Baptism of the Lord, Year A

I am delighted to be here with you for the first time, celebrating the Baptism of the Lord, which marks the first Sunday post-Christmastide. Some of us like the sense of a new beginning and reclaiming the space and time taken up by the decor and festivities; others are more like my son, who asks…

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Christmas Day

Merry Christmas! Thank you for being here to marvel together, again, at the great mystery of the Incarnation: that God has chosen to dwell among us in the flesh as a helpless newborn, yes, but also within each one of us. Last night, the children presented to us the drama from the gospel of Luke.…

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Christmas Eve

Our culture favors epic genres, superhero battles, fast-paced, attention grabbing displays of brutality and force. At Christmas, on the other hand, we seem to fall into sweet sentimentality, as we sing of the silence of the night, and a newborn who never cried. However, it’s likely that Jesus’ birth was neither gentle or grand, but…

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Advent 4 – Mary’s Sunday

Traditionally, we refer to the 4th Sunday of Advent as “Mary’s Sunday”. Two years out of three, our gospel readings truly focus on Mary, by telling either the Annunciation or Visitation with Elizabeth episodes, both from the gospel of Luke. This year, however, we hear more about Joseph: his reaction to what didn’t seem like…

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